Question about crossing-up with EX tatsu after light Zanku Hadosho

I was playing around with Oni in training mode with the opponent in the corner. I noticed that if I jump up and do light Zanku Hadosho (air dash), he flies forward until he reaches the end of the stage above the opponent. Now if I do EX tatsu while he is still in the air, Oni falls quickly while doing the EX tatsu. Sometimes he hits the opponent from the front. However, sometimes Oni hits the opponent from the other side so that the EX tatsu hits as a cross-up. My question is how do I control whether the EX tatsu hits from the front or as a cross-up. This setup seems pretty useful as it seems impossible to tell from which side Oni is attacking.

It looks like the same ambiguous situation can be created if the opponent is not in the corner. You just need to judge the distance of the Zanku Hadosho correctly so that Oni ends up right above the opponent before doing the EX tatsu.

If this is old news, could someone link me to the explanation.

Two things…

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#2. You pretty much answered your own question.


I haven’t as of yet found a way to control whether or not Oni crosses up in the corner with ex tatsu. I just buffer the ultra every time just in case, and if I want to cross up I feint the ex with either a light or medium zanku and use a hk tatsu for early cancels, lk for late, and mk for somewhere in between. or just bypass the zanku all together and go straight for the tatsu, you’d be suprised how often this works if they’ve been trained to wait for the dash.

I suspect that once its true capabilities have been displayed at a high level, the zanku xx ex tatsu may prove to be one of the better mix-ups in the game. Oni is highly underrated right now imo

Midscreen it obviously because crossup depending on what side you are on.

In the corner its the height you execute the air tatsu and the wakup timing of the opponent. I wrote a setup in the AE2012 thread but ill write it here again

After forward throw in the corner, backdash , hold up forward and do a forward air dash when you are at the peak of your jump. Cancle to EX tatsu quickly for a fake crossup and slightly delay it to get a cross.

I see no reason to use the true cross, because when oni hugs the screen it looks like everything is gonna cross. Also the fake cross tatsu sends them out of the corner and allows no ultra followup.

For some reason, occasionally I still get a cross-up even if I cancel to EX tatsu quickly and occasionally still get a fake cross-up even when I cancel with a delay. Still, this method does seem to make it more consistent. Thanks.