Question about custom art and what joystick cases are made of

sorry for another super nub question

I noticed that most sticks with custom art, the art seem bigger than a single sheet of paper. How do you guys print something that big? Is there some way to splice the images without anyone noticing? these custom sticks display what i’m talking about (or so i think they do)

also, sanwa buttons seem like they only fit with metal cases and I noticed quite a few of you guys used some sorta metal (or maybee plastic?). Can I get details on the material so I can go to my local home depot and buy some?

thanx in advance

Save it to USB key and take it to kinko’s or a print shop. It’ll cost you a few bucks but you can print it the dimensions you want.

much thanx valaris

Might I kick in a suggestion?

Depending upon how complicated the artwork is that you want to use, download Inkscape, trace out the artwork to vector, and then print that.

The reason being is that vector scales perfectly, and will look great at any size. I know hand-drawn artwork is incredibly difficult to vector, but Inkscape has some tracing tools to automatically attempt to trace it out for you. I’ve done up Ryu and his entire SF2 stage that way before. Lemme see here…

Numbski, how about a JPEG or something? I wanna check out your work, but downloading zips is a hassle.


There are png’s on that page giving examples. They take a while to load, as they’re big. Be patient. :wink: