Question about custom TE sticks

where does everyone buy them? i see 100’s of people with different types of custom sticks and it bothers me knowing i cant have one. every website i ever see a custom stick is $400+ dollars. i wanna see a list of sites that sell custom sticks and i’m sure other people would too. thanks!

Custom stuff is expensive - get a job.

Or buy a Madcatz and mod it yourself.

Yeah, custom sticks aren’t cheap. People often don’t stop to consider how much work goes into them, as well as the rising cost of materials.

As for a list of websites, stick to the SRK trading outlet and avoid eBay. And for god’s sake, avoid DSP’s overpriced bullshit.

Just go easy mode and mod a Madcatz TE with nice looking art and a plexi. Or you can mooch off a friend who is good at crafting.

Customizing a TE stick can be as simple as going to and ordering a custom plexi and sending in some artwork, and perhaps buying different buttons off lizardlick.
It doesn’t have to cost $400, it can be as little as spending $50-$100 on top of buying a TE stick.

Also please keep in mind makers of custom sticks do not factor in the actual hourly cost of labor.
At the skill level required for some of the work I seen, labor would easily be 33 to 50 dollars per hour.

It could take a week to make a proper stick case from wood, not including drying and curing times. Thats 20 to 40 hours there.
It can take 1 to 5 hours to properly wire a stick, depending on the customs required.

If that is the cause, stick makers would charge $1200 to 2500 for a stick just on labor cost for the case making and wiring.
Factor in work for custom art, planning, consultation, parts. Were looking at a 5 grand and up sticks

Most stick cost are the materials and parts and maybe small fee and I do mean small for labor.
and that is comparing it to other industries.

Going by your thread title, I think you are talking about modded TE sticks, and not customs.

You can’t buy modded TE’s off the shelf, your best bet is the trading outlet or auction sites/craigs list.
Or buy a new or used TE and order a plexi with the desired button number and layout and get someone to make some artwork for you.

as for proper custom sticks, theres enough posts regarding that already.

Don’t buy any modified TE or SE that goes for $400. Especially if it’s from DarkScrubPhail.

I had never heard of this person until today.

It’s unfortunate I learned at all. Seems like the douchest of bags.

It angered us so much, it was why we started Sticks for Joy.

What exactly was the start of the feud? I just saw his name pop up in this thread and another, then googled him. Found his website and it’s like Insane Clown Posse level of jack offs on there.

He was auctioning off Standard Edition FightSticks with an art and button swap (that he “designed,” one even had the artwork cut short on the stick), they reached about $400 each, and called them “customs,” for a job that a monkey with a screwdriver could easily do.

I also got banned on his forums for knowing more about modding than him.

Well, tards gonna tard…