Question About Daigo (non-fanboyism)

I know that this is kind of random but I never understood why Daigo was so taunt-happy. I know why he did it to Justin but why to other players like Nuki, Ryan Hart, etc.? Everybody knows that he is a super-quiet and reserved guy. It’s just hard to understand why he feels the need to taunt some players repeatedly and not at all to others.

The other thing I didn’t get was his match with KO at SBO3 finals. In the final round he just changes his style completely and rushes that shit down, almost getting a perfect. Was he toying with him in the first two rounds or just trying to figure out KO’s tactics?

Same goes for his “patented” comebacks. Obviously some of them are genuine but other times they seem to be orchestrated.

You know what - I’m gonna reply seriously!!!

Taunt in match = power up.

Taunt post match = cocky (which Daigo didn’t do)

How Daigo changes play style is something the best amongst us are still trying to understand. He can simply condition people and adapt to their play style so well that at times his games just really do look ‘orchestrated’.

I didn’t look at Daigo’s match too much, but I actually think Ken’s taunt is “under used”. To you know how BIG of a difference it can make to Taunt? Land a super, taunt (since you have the time and you’re safe) and land another super combo without getting hit. A nice increase in damage.

Since its safe at lots of moment I don’t see why people don’t taunt. Hell this wasn’t even call a taunt, its a “personal action”. When done in safe moments in combat it shouldn’t be taken as a taunt… Its really a taunt only when you lost a round and he taunt you there, which is then lame.