Question about Dual modding with switches


So I basically just modded a mayflash with sanwa stuff over the weekend, and was wondering i should dual mod it to play at my friends on his 360 occassionally.
Since I’m cheap I didnt feel like buying a PS360+ and having to fetch a case and such, and there was no used stick i could find locally.

Basically I was thinking of just adding several multiple pole double throw switches along with one of those cheap madcatz controllers and have multiple switches to switch wires from one pcb to another everytime i switch consoles. Super ghetto and wires everywhere, but it should work right? I couldn’t really find anything when searching since it the engine basically pops up with DPDTs for common ground dual mods

Much thanks


yeah the mayflash pcb on your stick will work. not all of the cheaper madcatz controllers are common ground. id advise getting a fightpad pcb, that would be easiest. follow this video on how to wire up with the dpdt switch. if you’re not good with wiring and soldering you may be better off getting a ps360 pcb. the cost will only end up being like $25 more and will save you alot of time.


Hmm I guess ill get the fightpad then, they more or less around the same price haha. Yea, I have no problem with the soldering and the wiring stuff up, just needed some feedback because I was pretty sure it would work, just not 100%.
Since the mayflash i have only has the buttons on common ground and the joystick part is not common ground just want to be sure. Since i would have switches for all wires ( crapton of switches, but gotta make compromises somewhere) to switch between the pcbs, the non common ground shouldnt affect the result


Maybe I’m missing something here, but why exactly would you need multiple switches? If you’re doing it right, you should only need one.


Get a DPDT or Double Pole Double Throw Switch

One switch is all you need


Ok back from my exam.
I’m kinda lost as to how i would set this up.

took this from another post in this forums. This is exactly how i modded my mayflash since the joystick part wasnt common ground.

How exactly would i set up only a DPDT with the madcatz? Kinda confused to be honest haha. I was under the impression that since my pcb isnt completely common ground I would have to do something ghetto to make it 360 compatible.


Isn’t the Mayflash common ground all around? IIRC all you have to do is connect one ground line from the PCB to the joystick.


Nvm. I just checked continuity. Its common ground all around ><. Shoulda just checked instead of looking at previous posts.
Thanks for the help everyone :slight_smile:


hey, let me hijack this thread a little bit:

how is the wiring on the DPDT switch?
is it on the USB cable?
the way I see it, it would be:

USB ground wire going to xbox pcb’s ground and ps3 pcb’s ground at the same time
USB 5v wire going to xbox pcb’s ground and ps3 pcb’s ground at the same time
USB signal wire going to the middle terminal on the switch and from side terminals to each pcb
USB (4th wire that I don’t know the function) wire going to the other middle terminal on the switch, and to the pcbs from each side

is that right?
i feel i should be switching the 5v for some reason


The ground wire from the USB should be connect to both grounds on each PCB. 5V USB wire should connect to both 5V on each PCB. Remaining wires are Data+ and Data-, those go to the middle terminal of the DPDT. Then you connect the respective wires for Data from each pcb. and Voila you have your dual mod :).

Thats basically what i get from reading the dual modding 101 topic.

Image from that topic


IIRC in 2009 the company took away their common ground properties :frowning:

You can find the production date printed on the motherboard.


Yea thats why i originally started this topic because I assumed it wasnt common ground. This version of the pcb doesnt have a 2007 or 2009 date on it, as I posted above, it seems to be common ground all around now since the continuity check with my dmm checks out :\