Question about Evo 2008

does anyone know if you have to be registered to go to the game lounge. i don’t want to compete but i want to play with others. please let me know asap incase registration fills up!!!

No, you don’t have to pay/register to watch or use the BYOC area.

Do you have to BYOC to use the BYOC area or is it up to the people who did bring their own consoles? If its the latter, I hope people are friendly enough to let a scrub like me play with them. :shake:

YAY n00b question thread. Might as well label it that.

If you had to bring your own BYOC to use the BYOC…nobody would play. Everyone loves to roam around the BYOC before a tournament starts to get practice and there’s no way anyone would agree with bringing their own shit (that’ll just get stolen any ways) to play some games. BYOC is really friendly for the most part as long as you’re good at taking turns and nobody hogs shit. I really wish people would only play one match during the BYOC like at an arcade but everyone figures they’re only at Evo for 3 days and have to do 2/3 and get consolation matches and all that shit. Main reason why I don’t mess with the BYOC that much. I’m not gonna be that pressed to play casuals. Unless it’s SFIV.

Basically…just relax and step up to the BYOC and wait to play like you’re at a free arcade. That’s basically what BYOC is. A free play arcade.

The prize structure thing is probably just a typo or something left over from last year. I kinda doubt that really means anything for this year. Basically…it’s like any non sponsored major event where you get a percentage depending on who comes. Evo has always done this before they got sponsors any ways.

Isn’t that how it was before?

LOL. You haven’t been to Evo if you think it’s like that. At least when it comes to the peepz playing 3rd Strike. People are hungry for casuals so they decide to get the most out of them by playing 2/3 matches and asking for consolation matches if it’s their buddy or they lost real bad and then asking for 5 dollar money matches and all this crap. I guess especially people new to Evo want the full Evo experience and want as much play time as they can possibly get. Especially considering they may not get much play time once the tourney begins.

I’ve been to Evo 2 years in a row and both years everyone has the idea that you gotta play 2/3 matches while a huge ass line is waiting to play. That’s just lame. I wasn’t going to complain about 2/3 if that was the consensus, but it just holds up the line for people waiting to get their chance against a good player while everyone is trying to get their 2/3’s in. 3 possible matches for each person that steps up takes way too long when the line is already ass long. You pretty much get tired of keeping score and just hope everyone is playing 2/3 and not throwing in consolations or upping the matches.

Some people make excuses like it’s too much work to constantly plug in and out your controller and stuff. Well…that’s the same as having to constantly go to the change machine when you get beat. Don’t wanna have to walk for change or take out your controller all the time…try working to not lose or just don’t play like everyone used to do at the arcade. People will end up getting to play again a lot quicker if they get off when they get beat the first time. 3rd Strike always gets the most TV’s available during the BYOC before the tourney so you can just move to another setup if Valle or KO Fiend won’t stop owning on one of them.

why did they increase the cover charge from 30 to 50 buks within the past week?

because that price was for early registration?

BYOC is free, but if you want to play any of the exclusive new fighters (HD Remix, SF4, TvC, etc) you must register.

man…even tho its july 16…we have to pay an extra 20 buks:arazz: for late registartion? i would think the end of july would be more reasonable sheesh…

REG. Question

INKBLOT: Who do we e-mail about registration concerns ? I paid early registration but it was through someone else’s credit card and I want to make sure I’m in the system as me…last year they just threw me into brackets randomly at the last minute and I didnt want that to happen again. I have the confirmation number and everything…if someone could answer this that would be great. THANKS SRK STAFF

  -D R B


that’s really good to know. I have two people coming with me who are only there to play guilty gear and other non-major games, but I told them to register anyway. They will be glad to know that they can play these new games.

I didn’t know that a confirmation number was even given. I never got a number for myself or the person I registered. I just have the paypal emails that the transactions went through. I’ll have to look into this.

will the airplane let me bring along carry on fold-up chairs from k-mart?

I also paid for someone else, how can i know both our names are in?

“Be sure to bring a printout of your registration receipt just incase any errors have occured.”

Quoted from . I would assume a print out of your paypal receipt would be the one they are requesting.

I didnt get an EVO confirmation just the Paypal one…I was just curious so I could register my name not the account’s name that I used to pay for it. I have my paypal info on lock !

 -D R B

I didn’t get an Evo confirmation either, I just assumed the paypal one would be the one needed, should still do the trick as it IS a reciept showing your payment…then again we all know where assuming gets you…