Question about EVO check in


Hey i had a quick question. My pools start at 2 pm, but do i still need to stand in line to check in for EVO badge and shirts at 9 am friday morning? If not this would technically save me 80 dollars by being to check into my room at noon.


You can check in for your badge anytime during the day. I could be wrong but I believe you can get it the day before.
Little tip though, you might wanna leave your luggage at the concierge at the hotel until check in time.


i want to make sure i get both my evo and kof shirts too lol


Just FYI, it was mentioned in another thread by Mr Wiz that you pick up the KOF shirt from the Atlus booth, and not when you show up for Evo registration/badge pick-up.


As said you can pick it up anytime before the end of saturday, heck if your there even thrus afternoon starting at 2pm til 8 ish I believe you can come get your stuff, bring a photo ID takes 2 mins best advice I can give you if you can. You don’t want to deal with those lines on friday and maybe saturday :slight_smile:


Ok so quick question then. I have a KoF match 8 AM friday morning. My flight doesn’t get in until 9:30 thursday night. I have the tournament only pass. From what I have seen, the check in booths will be both closed before I land, and will not be opening until the same time as I need to be at my bracket. Should I be trying to show up at like 7 AM to check in so I can be at my KoF bracket by 7:55 in time? I figure I gotta pick up my evo shirt when I check in. But I have no idea what to expect with the lines. And from what I read both my bracket and the check in start at 8 AM.


hit up your pool, come after freely. open all day


Oh so I don’t have to of checked in at the “front desk” in order to play my game. Just have to show the pool judge my ID or something?


yeah just hit up your pool , and tell your judge who you are…then come back later and get your pass, but do so asap to avoid any weridness that might happen ( usually no weirdness happens but just to get it out of the way )