Question about Evo Panels for 2014


I’m pretty sure we don’t know what they are yet, but I’m asking about the format of them in previous years. My roommate and brother-in-law didn’t really help because they just said they were awesome, but I can’t really trust that because both of them were buzzing hardcore on the whole atmosphere. I want to know more about how they are presented, what you can usually expect, and if its like PAX where everyone is out on the floor or if they have their own rooms. Again, I’m asking for typically, as it might change this year due to the changed venue.


Pannels at EVO are usually at a separate room from the tournament floor, and they are just like you expect, a presentation where people get to ask questions after or listen to an interview and stuff like that. They are VERY insightful. I remember at EVO2012 Nitsuma shared a lot of the ideas that didn’t make it into MVC3, like the clash system (like the DBZ games) or Cyclops as a playable character. Maximilian also made one, and Daigo had one as well on 2011 where he talked about Valle and hist match against Lamerboi in 2010. They are really cool and add a lot to the EVO experience. You won’t be disappointed!

It also hasnt been announced yet, but I’m guessing Bang the Machine will be screened at the same place where the Pannels will be. It makes sense because the EVO staff has to get the main room ready for the tournament, and they can’t risk bringing a couple hundred people inside (just my guess of course).