Question about ex.dp > fadc > on block



I’ve been trying to figure this out but I dun hv anyone to go training mode with me

When opponent is blocking and I ex.dp, fadc ,
As soon as opponent starts mashing throws, sometimes I’ll be able to out their throw but sometimes I get thrown out of it
I want to ask if any of you know what caused this
Is it them who messed up the throw timing?
Or is it because the 2nd hit and 3rd hit of ex.dp have a different block stun??
Or is it character specific because of different throw distance??

Any help will be appreciated thanks


Ex Shou fadc is -1 on block iirc.

So he should be throwing you out of if he times it right. If you’re cr.lking him, then he’s timing it wrong

I think it’s always -1 no matter where you fadc the ex shouken.


Make sure your dash is fast too, that will help.


Except it wont help because of what fergus said. If you press any button at all, and he throws, you will be thrown. Unless you ultra or ex dp of course.