Question about fast food


So the entire semester at college in my linked classes they talk about fast food, the industry, how its made, etc. I have never eaten at these places. Not once. They smell funny BUT after hearing about it my whole life and reading books then finally the college dedicates the entire semester to it I really gotta ask: How does anyone in good conscience eat at one of these godforsaken disgusting places? Are people uninformed or do they just not care?

EDIT: Apparently this was written in a very condescending manner or something and it really ticked people off, TELL ME HOW!! I didn’t mean it.


Because it’s fast…food.


not sure if serious


I’m very serious. I cannot for the life of me wrap my mind around how someone can eat what is essentially shit in a bun.


Because most people can’t tell the difference between good food and shit.


Don’t call it shit if you’ve never eaten fast food…there are some that are actually good.


Good point. Maybe I didn’t make it clear. The taste is not what I called the shit. The content is. I think it would be healthier to eat cotton candy then eat anything out of McDonald’s.


Cuz it tastes good. . .

No but seriously, in a hundred years from now I’m sure people will be disgusted by the food that we eat today. Just like how we’re disgusted by the food people ate 100 years ago from today, and so on.


Why you raggin’ on cotton candy, huh?

Keep on topic.


That’s pretty funny that its insulting to cotton candy…


Whats will all the Fast Food-centric topics lately?


People too lazy to cook. or no time to cook.
Quick alternative
perhaps they’ve measured it and it’s fine as they’re counting calories.

Several reasons really.


It’s a full moon I noticed…


I think it’s partly because people are uninformed, and also because people are so used to eating it that by the time they do become more informed, they’re numb what they find out or dismiss it. Possibly for not wanting to come to grips with the reality of the situation. Being bombarded with constant advertisements essentially saying “eat this, it’s good and ok” doesn’t help either.



You sound like a foreigner. Why don’t you just go back to where you came from?


Spur of the moment for me.

If I want a quick burger, I can go to a high-end restaurant, but then I’ll have to wait a while before it’s prepared and I’ll probably end up paying 8 bucks for it not including the tip.

I can go to the supermarket and get stuff to make a burger, but then I gotta go all the way home and make it. Not convenient when you’re several miles away.

When I buy fast food, I usually just buy the small stuff. No full combo deals; just a sandwich/taco and a drink. Yea, I know it’s not 100% authentic, but my taste buds don’t.

I don’t care much for the “shaving off life” argument. People do that already with smoking and drinking.


i love mcdonalds!

edit: and drinking! and smoking!


New York City? Or are we ignoring that these places exist worldwide?


Wow you think the bullshit they use in fast food is bad now, just wait until a Soylent Green scenario.