Question about fight sticks

I have a Capcom Arcade fightstick, tournament edition. I noticed a problem, and I wanted to find out if it occurs on all fightsticks or just this one. If I slowly rotate the stick 45 degrees from down-forward to forward… I notice my character starts as crouching, then gets up, then crouches again, then gets up again walking foward, when I reach forward…

So occasionally, if I don’t do this rotation fast enough, my hadoukens turn into shoryukens. Is this common across all fightsticks or this one?

What fightstick would you recommend that avoids these issues? Thanks.

Sounds like something is wrong with your direction microswitches. You will need to purchase a Sanwa TP-MA PCB Assembly and replace your old one.


I would going to say if you haven’t made your purchase yet, if you got a multimeter, I would test your switches out.
I do the same for the wire harness.