Question about fixing my TE panel

So, one of the screws got stripped on my TE panel and I bent my panel trying to get it out. At least I was able to get the screw out, and I have read the forums to know which screw to buy. I was hoping to fix the issue by buying the plexi panel replacement from Art’s Hobbies. I was wondering first, if this was a viable option since I know the hole is also stripped.

So my idea would be get a new screw and plexi panel and attach it using screw and nut. I’m just wondering if this is possible, i.e., is there enough space to attach the nut? is there a shorter screw so it’s easier to attach a nut?

Has anyone else had this problem and is there a better/cheaper way to fix this?

I don’t know what you mean by “is there a shorter screw so it’s easier to attach a nut”?If the top panel screws are too shot it will not thread complete into the nut
Just go from the underside and afix your M4 nut into place. A tiny amount of super glue on the outside edge will hold it into place.

Besides a panel replacement from Art or Blk Lighting and screws from myself or toodles

LOL bend that mofo back in place, i’ve done it before!
I just used pliers and applied even pressure

take the art off first