Question about Flying Barcelona Attack

I’ve been playing Vega for a bit and I’m really enjoying him but some weirdness keep happening and I can’t tell if it’s me or a glitch.

Occasionally when I use FBA or even an ex FBA I’ll head across screen to do the wall bounce but instead of bouncing off it, I simply continue to fly in that direction before just tapping down without out ever coming off the wall?

Am I screwing up and not spacing this correctly or am I encountering a glitch. It’s just really frustrating when I do cancel into an ex FBA to do an Izuna but I never come off the wall to actually throw the opponent.

It’s a glitch which they’ve fixed in Super.

It is frustrating but we all have to deal with it.

Ah alright, definitely agree on the frustrating part since it can result in the loss of a decent chunk of damage. Nice to know I’m not just screwing up the input though.

You’re welcome to come over to the Vega side of the threads any time if you ever need help on absolutely anything :slight_smile:

I thought this happened when you fly across the screen, but your opponent is back dashing, so the ‘walls’ move and you miss them.

No,it can even happen if they’re right next to you and not moving a muscle. It can also happen with his ultra, in a game last week, I went for ultra for fireball punish and he just kinda went up the wall and didn’t latch, tried again, same thing.

It just happens, it’s a well known glitch among Vega players.

Besides, you go for the wall behind you in most cases unless you’re crossing over a SHC on a wakeup.