Question about focus attack startup

Ok so Ryu’s level 1 FA has a 21 frame startup, does this mean his ex armor kicks in on the 21st frame? Or do 21 frames have to go by and then the exarmor kicks in/ you can attack with your FA lvl 1 ?

What I’m trying to figure out is… if enemy Ryu into hadoken will it be posible to focus attack before the hadoken? I checked the frame data and it looks possible… maybe I just suck at math or maybe my timing is just off…

startup/active/recovery/block/hit for
4 4 8 +2 +5

FA lvl 1

21 2 35

c:mp: xx :qcf::p: is a cancel, not a link (specials/supers are almost never linked. Ultras must always be linked because they cannot be canceled into at all without FADC) Cancels skip all remaining active and recovery frames, so in actuality c:mp: is +13 on block and +16 on hit when canceled to :qcf::p: and if canceled on the very first possible frame.

iirc :qcf::p: is 12 frames, therefore the cancel is airtight and there is nothing you can do… unless you are standing far enough that the c:mp: doesn’t hit on the first active frame, or far enough that the :qcf::p: doesn’t hit on the first active frame either.

As for the FA question, the 21 frame startup refers to how long it takes after you release :mp::mk: to get the attack to come out and hit. It has armor from the very instant you hit :mp::mk: until you release it.

anyway it is possible but only if you are far enough

Wow, awesome reply, thank you very much