Question about frame data

I’ve been comparing Ryu and Ken and I have a quick question about frame data. when it says something like “1~3 invincible” does that include startup frames for that move? I noticed that Ken’s light shoryuken has 3 frames of start up and invincible for the first three frames, so does that mean that it will always reach its active frames? Meanwhile Ryu only has 1~2 frames invincibility (and 3 start up), so if someone is jump-attacking at Ryu while Ryu is getting up with a shoryuken then theres 1 frame where their attack can hit Ryu before the shoryuken can get to its active frames.

I’m asking this because if this works as I described then this is a big advantage for Ken that no “Ryu vs Ken” thread I found on Google seemed to mention.

You’re correct but I don’t really see how you can call that a big advantage for Ken. Ryu could always use MP or EX DP for the invulnerability.

Yes, that much is true.

Practicality wise, however, it doesn’t have much bearing. Most people won’t use the light version for its invinicibility, the M version for both characters is much more useful. THIS is actually a great advantage for ken since his 6f invinicible M shoryu makes it trade much less often than most other chars reversals.

Also being able to get hit out of his shoryu was a bit of a boon for ryu back in yee ol days of trade ultras D:

Thanks for the tips on the medium shoryuken! I’ll definitely start using that now.

Ryu’s LP SRK usually trades if you do it against a jump in instead of just getting outright beaten. This is useful if you want to combo into Ultra 1 and you don’t have meter for FADC. If LP SRK trades, you’ll recover quickly enough to juggle the opponent with U1 before they hit the ground.

Also be aware that Ken should avoid MP SRK on wakeup because it’s easier to safe jump it.

Ken’s mp srk also has a tendency to hit once and then get punished on hit versus grounded opponents. It’s hilarious.

yeah, I couldn’t believe that I hit someone and they still recoverd fast enough to feed my a yummy Ultra