Question about future proofing arcade stick


So i was curious about updating my fight stick, currently using an Etokki Omni, to be compatible with a future consoles. While my stick is currently stock dual modded, i was wondering what i would need to do.


Pad hacking is your only option at the moment. It’s possible that the PS360 (maybe the MC Cthulhu for PS4, less likely though) will be compatible in the future, but don’t hold your breath.


The only true way to guarantee future-proofing your arcade stick is to project-box all your PCBs.


For Xbones, you just need to padhack it. Jasen’s customs currently is selling barebone xbone PCBs for less than you would need to buy an actual controller. It’s well worth it, since apparently it’s a huge pain in the ass to separate the shell from the PCB.

For PS4s, well, nobody knows. Presumably you’d have to pad hack it, but nobody has really tried because there are no noteworthy fighting games that have been announced for that system yet. You’ll have to wait and see.

It’s pretty much impossible to future-proof anything in the electronics world, because you never know when new innovations or policy changes will ruin your best laid plans.


i think might be an option i’m looking for. a friend of mine has this board in his current stick.

My question, if i was to go this route, is if i would just piggy back a MC Cthulhu ontop of whatever dual modded PCB is already in the OMNI, or would i need to do some extra work?


yup, just piggybacking and a dpdt, or an imp v2 chip. the new gen controllers use common ground pcbs and work by the same padhacking principles seen in guides out for current and past gens. i’m assuming the pcb used in your omni stick is a paewang revolution board, which is also common ground.