Question about Games For Windows and how DLC works

Hi, I was wondering if someone could help me out with this. I have a showcase arcade cabinet with SF4-PC that’s (right now) fully offline. After checking out the Games For Windows store, I see if I purchase the DLC for SF4 I can use it with my Gamertag while online. I was wondering if the following would work:

  1. Connect my PC online (just this once), w/ my online Gamertag.
  2. Purchase the alternate costumes.
  3. Download the alternate costumes.
  4. Remove wireless USB dongle that I’m using to connect to the internet.
  5. Re-launch SF4 and play with the same Gamertag, offline.
  6. Access my DLC while in offline mode?

Ultimately I need to know if I’m locked out of my DLC if I don’t connect to the internet with Games For Windows. I have a PS3 w/ DLC purchased and I know I can play it offline for consoles, but is it different for PCs?

Thanks in advance!

No answer, so I purchased the DLC anyway and flipped my PC to offline w/ same gamertag and my DLC was still usable for anyone else who may have this question.


Thank you.