Question about gg (is slash on PC)?


is there plans of releasing this?


no and by now it’d be a bit late

maybe accent core :smiley:


slash is going to be out for PC sometime in spring 2007.


yay, thanks oyg :slight_smile:


That’s just a rumor and there’s no confirmation it’s true at all.


It is on pc, just run Slash on a PS2 emulator.


If it is coming out for PC, then that means I can play some form of GG on my laptop while I’m either in class or on a long trip. :grin:


You could do that already with #R Blue.


And how powerful of a comp would you need for that?


Oops. I have #R blue but I meant to say that I could play a more recent version of GG in those situations.


Well, I never said it would be playable. :rofl:

PS2 emulators still have a long way to go, even if you have a suped-up PC.