Question about Gigas Input Requirements

I know you can do 2 x 270s to get out a Gigas.
But can you do one 270, put the stick back to neutral position.
Then complete the second 270 a split second later?
Or do you have to keep it in the same direction after the first 270?

Say I do a clap and then input a 270 during the clap, return the stick to neutral.
And half second later I do a 270, is that enough to get a Gigas out?

I am asking this because I sometimes I do 270 motions, and then I sometimes get random Gigas if I do a 270 a second later.

Do you really have to hold onto that final position in the first 270, or not? Or maybe just holding down any input will do?

From memory, neutral tends to kill the first 270 stored in the buffer, but I could be wrong. As I don’t currently have a copy of 3S, the easiest way for you to test this would probably be: neutral jump, 270 on the way down, return to neutral, then 270 on landing. You’d find this method easiest as the descent from the neutral jump is massive so you can play with all sorts of different timings.