Question about grease on joystick shaft


I noticed that my LS-40 actuator looks dirty from inside and a little bit outside too (joystick is new, ordered 2 months ago). Then i took the actuator apart and realized there is some kind of black grease/oil all around the shaft.

What is that for?

its grease it has a purpose

Because there are moving parts, you need to lube it to prevent damage. All joysticks come pre-lubed from the factory. Wiping it off takes away from the grease, so adding more is usually a good idea.

Don’t use water-based lubricants like vaseline, petroleum jelly, etc. You need to use Silicone-based lubricants, because they are “dry,” and won’t cause your joystick to rust. Use the kind that RosserRooster linked, or Shin-Etsu G-40M, the kind used by Sanwa, or Shin Etsu G-501, the kind used by Seimitsu. One tube will likely last you a lifetime.

Thanks for suport, guys. But actually i didn’t mean the bearing grease, i keep both Seimitsu and Sanwa original lubrication in my stock for lube the pivot when necessary =)

The point is that Seimitsu LS-40 shaft has a kind of black grease all around the underside. This one is more similar like a car engine oil, so i’m thinking if is just about lubrication for moving parts, they would lube the shaft with the same soluction they lube the bearing (shin-etsu) but no. For example, if you wipe off the shaft with the finger, it would be like you’re wipping off a car or motorcycle engine…the result is a black oil stuff all over your finger.

just trying to understand why the shaft has a black oil instead of regular (or silicone) grease.