Question about hacking thirty-party ps2 joypad

Please, should i keep the analog part intact or cut off the flat analog cabe would be no problem?

Would be best to keep them in tact, so that they stay neutral at all times. You do mean the analog sticks, right?

If you really need them to be gone, you can use some resistors to substitute for them, but it’d be easiest to leave them on.

Yes, man…i did mean the analogic sticks. I’ll consider your tip, thanks a lot =)

I left the analogs sticks on in my ps2 stick, it’s a risk I guess but they haven’t caused any trouble so far. And I’ve had it for at least two years so…
Just make sure nothings poking at them, and I think it’ll be fine.

The alternative sounded kinda complicated (that resistor stuff nerrage mentioned), that’s why I left them on.

Without knowing why you want to cut them, I feel that I should point out that Sony’s first batch of Playstation 1 controllers didn’t have thumbsticks just in case it can be of any help whatsoever. Playstation 1 controllers should work on the Playstation 2, with the only difference (besides the lack of thumbsticks for this particular model) being that the buttons aren’t touch sensitive hence incompatible with games that require touch sensitive buttons.

I think some games flat out reject your advances if you lack the proper type of controller though…

Digital controllers (no analog sticks) have hit or miss compatibility with converters.

Use a blob of hot glue to keep the analogs neutral if you’d rather not remove/replace with resistors. Put the hot glue tip directly above the post of the analog stick and squeeze. It will form a little pyramid surrounding it.

That works for me when i used 3rd party PS2 pads for there PCBs.