Question about HBFS-G2 30


if i want to order some top panel artwork from arts hobbies which button insert do i chose? sanwa or seimitsu?


depends what buttons you want?


i have some hbfs-g2 30mm crystal buttons and i would like to get art inserts in them, on the arts hobbies website do i chose sanwa or seimitsu


I think I would for the Sanwa, as their cut outs are larger, its better to start off with a insert too big rather than too little.
But ask Art if he knows which insert size is bigger.


Doesn’t Art’s website say the cut outs are the same size even though he has options for you to pick from? I got my cut outs from him and they measure 21mm, that is the listed size for the HBFS so I’m thinking they are all the same though I’m not sure because I don’t have any seimitsus


Be careful with art’s plexi. The HBFS can tear them up. It rendered my 1/16 plexi useless and also cracked my 1/32 impact modified plexi when I inserted the buttons.


You managed to crack the 1/32" plexi? That thing is super flexible and even sanwa buttons with the unsanded indents didn’t make a mark in them, so that is really surprising.

To fix this you could just sand down the indents on the button rim near the snap-in tabs that protrude out of the rim. These small little indents are one of the causes that make installing sanwa and HBFS buttons a pain sometimes, other than how rigid the snap-in tab is.


Yep. You can just use a knife to shave those little nubs off just under the rim of the button. Should make them much easier to install and remove.


Thanks for the advice, my HBFS-30 are much easier to take in and out