Question about Hori EX2 Fighting Stick

Hey guys, just got my EX2 in the mail and I have some questions for other owners of this stick.

Did yours come with an instruction manual?

The stick on mine is kind of loose, it can be moved a little bit in a circular motion without inputting commands and without springing back like it does when you put more pressure on it. Is this normal?

I ask because I suspect mine may have been used and returned, it came out of the box with a couple nicks on it and signs of wear.

No it does not come with manual, it only comes with some VF stickers. but if you think its been used or you see signs of wear, just talk to the guy that sold it to you, and return it.

I would have to ship it back to the distributer, which is a hassle but I still may do so. My main concern at this point is whether the stick is as it should be.

Mine was loose out of the box.
Loose or not, it’s just a mediocre stick overall.

Yeah, its just the ‘dead zone’ a lot of sticks have. Its normal.

Thank you everyone, I appreciate it.