Question about Hori pushbuttons

I have 2 FS3, and I’m thinking about making my first stick mod. I want to replace one of my FS3’s pcb with a psx/ps2 pcb. But, I noticed that the prongs(?) of Hori pushbuttons aren’t more like the prongs of sanwa/seimitsu.
My question is… Is it even possible to use Hori pushbuttons unless it’s soldered to a pcb? Are there any methods around this obstacle?

Hori pushbutton prongs:

Sanwa/Seimitsu pushbutton prongs:

I know some might be thinking; just order/buy a ps2/psx stick. But, life with paypal,etc. is to soon for me.

Quick disconnects?

I figured no quick disconnects would fit onto the hori button prongs.
Unless, somebody has an elaborate method of doing so…