Question about Hori Real Arcade Pro 3


This is my first fightstick, and I read that it had a square gate. I was planning on buying an octagonal gate, but wanted to try it first.

Does a square gate still click in 8 directions? I thought there would only be clicking on up, down, left, right, but it also clicks in-between each direction.



I grew up playing on octo gates but recently switched to a square gate and I LOVE IT.

I prefer the square gate now and have no plans to go back.

I suggest you give the square gate a week or so to decide if you like it.

For what its worth, SF as a franchise was intended to be played on a square gate (being a Japanese Arcade game first and foremost).


Thanks for the replies guys! I really appreciate it:woot:

I think I will stick with the square.


i thought it is easier to hit diagonals on square gate since there are corners.


Its all relative, and I don’t believe one is superior…each is simply a different feel.

However, here is what I like about the square gate:

  1. Since there are no stops at the four main directionals, the distance from the end of the dead zone to the end of the throw is shorter. This means that the movements are a little quicker feeling.

  2. I do agree that hitting diagonals cleanly feels easier for me on a square gate.


If you’re playing a charge character, the square gate is a must, IMO.


I ordered both Square and Octagon.

I want to try them both.

Isn’t a HAPP circular?