Question about Hori's Hayabusa spring


I just wanted to ask if the springs between the Sanwa JLF and the Hayabusa are more or less the same because the Hayabusa feels very loose compared to the Sanwa. I put in a 2lb spring in it and now it’s really heavy so I was thinking if the Sanwa gives me the right tension I’m looking for, I’ll just grab it from my other arcade stick.


Springs are relatively cheap, feel free to experiment.


More or less. Hayabusa feels looser because of the shape of the pivot container.

Please ask small questions like these in the Q&A thread this time.


Oh shit sorry about that, I’ll keep the Q&A thread in mind next time. Thanks for the help though!


Slap the jlf pivot in the hayabusa

But the hori has a 0.8 spring
Jlf has 0.9

They make a 1.5 spring too


If you’re going to replace the pivot in a hayabusa, then you might as well have just bought a jlf. That is the defining feature of the lever.


Not so much the pivot itself, but rather the pivot housing I believe.


So I just combined the two springs from the Hori and Sanwa stick and it still feels kinda stiff. What’s funny is that the spring works well in my sanwa stick.

Edit: I’m dumb, that doesn’t really make a difference, I’m going to just buy a 1.5 spring and see how that works out.