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I’m not entirely sure if this is the right section for this discussion but when searching controller layout info there were some moding discussions in this section so I just took a guess. As a former forum mod/admin on many sites for many years I know how annoying it is when a newbie shows up & posts in the wrong section so staff please move my thread if need be.

So here’s the deal gamers,

I too am an avid gamer have been since I was 6, I am now 30. I’m also wheelchair bound & am sick of my gaming enjoyment being limited. When I play the controller has to lay flat thus making the R1 RB L1 & LB buttons a pain to use. The other issue with a normal controller layout is the buttons are for lack of a way to really put it better aren’t spaced well and I get sore very easily.

The thing is the perfect controller is already made in the Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro EX Xbox 360 Real Arcade Pro. EX: Video Games or a fighter stick in general. The problem is that they don’t have the right stick thus making games that use it unplayable.

So since Microsoft is apparently never going to make one with both sticks, my question is, is it possible to mod a right stick onto one of the fighter sticks & if so who could I go to to get it built since I’m not capable of doing it myself?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help,

You want a custom, learn more here: Tech Talk

You might try the MadCatz XBox 360 Arcade Gamestick, though the shoulder buttons may still be a problem–otherwise you might have to go the custom stick route, like modding a 360 controller into a stick format that you want. Ask around in Tech Talk

I actually own the MadCatz stick & it’s better but not ideal & thanks to you as well ElderGOD I will head over to Tech Talk tomorrow, gotta sign off for now.

Just wanted to say thanks to the staff for moving this over to tech talk so I wouldn’t have to repost it & again thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

You say you want a Right stick on your controller.

Arcade stick joysticks are Digital inputs, so you wouldn’t have the precision of an analog stick in like a FPS (just an example).

This controller was intended for those with limited mobility.

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probably a cheaper convertor than on the site, but don’t know if it is compatible.
Joytron Xconverter 360 Plus

Analog and 49 way sticks are in use in some games, and really not that hard to find. PC Joysticks are also analog, and pretty easy to come by, though I’m not sure how easy it is to wire things into an Xbox360 pad. The ones on Xbox360 pads can probably be transplanted relatively easily as well.

For the OP:
Something to be aware of is that the shoulder buttons are also analog and used that way in some games (racing games, I think). Fightsticks typically do not use components that are capable of producing analog output.