Question about hrap 3 or just sticks in general

i just received a hrap 3 today and after playing it for awhile i noticed something about the stick, when i push all the way down or up it kind of feels like it moves a bit out of place and when i release the pressur it moves back into place. anyways i was just wondering if this was normal sorry if the explanation isnt clear, if needed i can try to make a video to help explain.

You mean when you push all the way in a direction it stops, but then if you push harder it moves a little more with some resistance? If so that’s just the shaft pushing up against the restrictor plate and is normal for that stick.

wow that was fast. yes that’s what i was talking about and thanks so much for the answer! :wgrin:

one more question,
does this bother anyone? it kind of bothers me and i was wondering if there was any way to remedy it or is it just something ill have to get used to ?

those sorts of sticks are meant more to be used with light tapping actually, i dunno if you could swap it out for another brand (it sounds like happ would fit the bill for you) but ask around and look into it

I’ve had 4 different HRAPs and only 1 doesn’t do this (brand new HRAP3). But pdk is right, Sanwa sticks are meant for lighter taps which is why the deadzone is so large and engagement so quick. You can try putting another square gate in it but I doubt it will fix the problem for you.

I don’t have that problem with my HRAP 3.

It’s not exactly a problem so to speak, it’s just the way they are usually. As long as you don’t try to push ALL the way against the sides, you won’t notice it at all.

another weird thing is that it only does this when i press down all the way. left and right does not do it at all and up only does it a bit but i dont notice the up one at all