Question about if i should main blanka or not

Err…I started playing sf in ssf4 and i didn’t play very often but now that i’m planning to play more and more, i’ve always wanted to play blanka but i don’t have an arcade stick and i play on the ps3 dualshock. My question is should i just keep playing him or will i miss out to much on jab elec?

Jab elec is hard to do on a stick too, sliding works but it can be rough on your fingers. If your just a casual player then it’s not critical. I got to A rank and I don’t jab into elec much. You can play Blanka with a pad, but Ultra 2 will be hard to pull off. As long as your having fun and maybe improving along the way that is all that matters.

Walking jab elec is honestly not that critical. The important thing is can you do it in combos and can you say do buffered cr.short xx elec off of dash/hop/jump?

When I was playing on pad for a few months due to having vanilla on the wrong console I was able to do pretty much any combo that ended in elec and I think this is the essential thing you need to have down to start.

I wouldn’t suggest doing it because there will probably be downfalls to it, but you might want to try to find a cheap fight pad or something with 3 face buttons.

@Jolthead I’m actually better at doing Z motions on pad haha. I can input it much faster.

Amazing V, I literally f’d up my thumb with a pad. Got trigger finger. Took over 6 months to heal. Fight stick was a neccesity. I can’t even piano Honda’s jab into HHS. :frowning: Not being able to do it costs me the ability to pressure as effectively.

Damn, sorry about that. I have short fingers which I think helps me on pad somewhat because I don’t have to hold it awkwardly or anything unless I’m trying to play with like 2 fingers on the face of a dualshock or something.

you can probably win a ton of your matches without eletric combos. it’s not as important as say honda’s jab hands. But playing blanka and not doing them is hamstringing yourself. It would be like saying you play balrog but don’t do ex rush upper loop.

Your goal picking a main should be to have fun with that character’s style and find which one you enjoy the most.

Aha thanks for the replies i’m planning to stick to blanka now and just learn his ball combos and etc, and blanka is the only character i think that fits my play style

thanks again :smiley:

jab elec can be learned also with a pad. LordDVD does Honda hands on a pad easly, you just have to spend a lot of time in the training room.


I played Blanka on a stick and pad…but when I was padding it, I used the analog stick on the 360 because it just worked out better with charge characters.

My suggestion would be if you were playing on a pad to main command characters and on a stick command or charge…but I also am wise enough to know that you need to play a character you enjoy. It is the key to long-term success because if you dont play who you like you probably wont play at all.

I tried to main Honda/Guile/Ryu because I thought they were overall better characters than Blanka but in the end I just didn’t enjoy playing them so eventually I stopped playing for awhile and then just went to maining the Green Beast.