Question about incoherent "lyrics" in certain KoF BGM's

I’ve always wondered, does anyone know exactly what’s being said in the Japan Team’s theme (“Esaka”, IMO the Ryu BGM of the KoF series) from King of Fighters '94??? Some of those early-mid '90’s SNK games occasionally threw in obscure samples into their background music (dunno if it was for style or to show off the Neo’s sound capabilities…sure as hell not possible on the Sega Genesis with it’s laryngitis voice samples) and in the case of Esaka they sampled some guy repeatedly saying “You can hear behind me now” and then something else (which I interpret as “You can hear behind me now that uh, this is called Blue Death” or something like that :lol: ). Also, the intro BGM from the KoF '95 AST uses a sample that I’ve heard elsewhere (but don’t remember where exactly) which goes "Come on children, now we’re gonna have a little music, like old times. Look, now I’ll start the melody on the org-) before it cuts off into original stuff. Anyone know the sources of these two samples and more specifically what the hell’s being said in that KoF '94 sample???

Sega Genesis…laryngitis voice samples…good one. remembers the horrible sound of the SF2: Turbo port


I’ll have to hear those to actually make it out. I haven’t heard these voice samples at all. Which version of Esaka did they feature in?

The original MVS version of “Esaka” '94, not the crappy technofied AST version. I believe that aforementioned voice sample is also heard in one of Rugal’s two themes in KOF '94 as well.

I got one for you. A few months back I was listening to the end music to KOF ‘98. After the the Black Noah sinks and the helicopter is in the air, the “incoherent” voice you’re hearing is actually saying: "Say that s*** like you just got yo’ m***** f****** check and you fin’na come pick up the thing."

How they managed to get away with using that sound byte is beyond me…

BTW, what is the lady saying in KOF '95’s “Arashi No Saxaphone”?

KOF Neowave’s character select screen is the same as DOAU2s.

And The Bridge stage the radio host says I want you to come here and get naked.

Interesting. SNK probably figured they could get away with such vulgar samples because their main audience is Japanese…or something.

If u know arabic, listen CAREFULLY to the track ‘Spirits’ from the KoF NW OST…yeah WTF indeed…

that horrible sound chip of sega genesis:wtf:

I just played castlevania bloodlines the other day. Music and sound effects are so crappy. nothing to do with the ones in super castlevania on snes

Well, the quality of the output from the Genesis sound suite really depended on who’s hand it was in. But overall it was a very limited soundchip. The real flaw of the Genesis’ hardware was that anemic color palette…so annoying.

Anyways, back on topic: “You can hear behind me now” etc…

Kof games are so provacitive…

I know the women in Lady in Iori saxphones thems is saying “something baby”

I cant really make it out but i know its naughty

I don’t, well not enough to make out anything anyway, care to tell us?

KOF 94…Rugal second form…WTF are they saying in his BGM? :wtf:

Same thing they are saying during the “Esaka” BGM…which is what I’m trying to figure out.

Does anyone have a audio program infront of them where they can slow the frams down and make it be spolen in slow motion. Also If u speak japanese u can tell us as well.

Otherwise we will never know…

Well they used lines from the Quran in that theme…

In matter of soundtrack, KOF simply >>>>>>>>>ALL of any game.

Joe: I listened that KOF 95 AST intro, yeah, really funny hehe, before the guy says “orgy” the sounds cut off lol.

EDIT: player2: yeah I listened the intro of KOF 98 and says something like that u said, “Say that s*** like you just got yo’ m***** f******” XDD

And in the final it has a longer version, that says exactly what u said.