Question about inputs for SPD

Hello people.
Today i was messing around in sfiv (yeah, not ssfiv, cause i just have only a pc a not any console, but i think that isn’t a relevant point for this…i hope) with zangief. I have a stick, but i still don’t get confortable with it so i was playing with the keyboard. My mapping is:


This layout inspired by the “stickless stick” [media=youtube]dGU1d-cmtuQ[/media]

i came with a input for the 360 that is

the interesting thing about this input in the keyboard is that you need just 3 movements of your hand(2 if you are already crouching back) in the layout. this it the A and S pressed, then a quick tap between D and SPACE.
I think that this isn’t possible to replicate in a stick 'cause obviously you can have your lever into two different positions at the same time.

I tried other things like buffer with this input a whiffed crouching: MP: into the super and ultra and went very smooth.

so, sorry about the big preface but, the question is, do you thing that this is somewhat useful?

i hope this isn’t already in here.

sorry bout the bad english…i’m not a native speaker…:frowning:

Whatever works for you,dude.