Question about inputs

I’ve had a stick for a few months now and I still haven’t been able to consistently do supers. Especially on the left side.

This is for both SF3 and SF4, although SF4 is much easier (guess its because the game is much slower and the shortcut inputs?).

Anyways, I try and try and try and half the time SRK, random punch, other move comes out.
In training mode this is what it looks like 99% of the time when I successfully do a super with ryu:
:db: :d: :df: :d: :db: :d: :df: :f: :p:

Which literally doesn’t even make sense.

When I do 1 hadouken it looks perfect :d: :df: :f: :p:

I’ve tried jamming down to forward with force with finesse, slower as well as faster, etc. It just doesn’t want to come out consistently and especially more in SF3.

And when I’m on the right side, the inputs look pretty similar and I can do it like 90% of the time.

Also I never had this problem when I was using pad and I don’t have a problem doing other moves (except the occasional back/forward jump just going straight up or jumping forward to air hadouken and getting just a punch.

Is there some advice or tip someone can give me to do supers?

PS- Is there some kind of button input program or training mode for CPS3 Emulator or whatever so I can see my inputs in sf3?

:d: :df: :d: :df: :f: :p: is a valid shortcut for supers in SF4, which is why that works. That will not work in SF3 however; the first quarter circle must be completed, but the second can end in :df: .

As for the rest, the only additional advice I can offer I’ve already compiled in the sticky execution thread. Did you read it already?

What type of stick do you have? Do you know what type of gate it has? How do you hold the stick (grip)?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions you should read this guide.

SRK-Newbie Saikyo Dojo Arcade Stick FAQ also written by Starcade RIP

Some people have preferences to what type of stick and gate for better execution, you might have that problem.

I think you are trying to do the motion too fast because you say you have no problem doing one hadouken motion. Try :d::df::f:·:d::df::f::p:
The middle dot = (neutral on the stick)

Yea, if I do it really slow I can get them to come out, but it’s just too slow. And I remember the speed at which I would do them with pad so I’d assume I could do that speed. But I guess the inputs are more sensitive (and longer distance) for stick so it’s different.

I had a square gate but I recently just put in a circle gate and a semietsu ls33 spring (which has helped a little). I hold it kinda like the 3 finger wine glass style but more like my hand is sideways or over the stick, rather than below it.

Inputs display with FBA:
1- Download FBA-RR : fbarr - Project Hosting on Google Code
2- Download
3- Unzip above file
4- Launch FBA-RR with 3S, then Game/Lua scripting/, then browse to get scrolling-input-display.lua
5- Run

I downloaded them both and put them in a folder, opened the rom. Now what? I’m really confused these directions kind of suck. Specifically step 4.

from the readme as well
Extract the contents of the archive to your emulator folder.
Pick the icon set you want and put the filename as “iconfile” in scrolling-input-display.lua.
Open the emulator, run your game, and find Lua scripting in the menu.
Browse to the script and click “Run”. "

I’m lost on the part where it says find the lua scripting menu. Where do I look for it? In the f2 rom options? In the program menus? etc?

PS- Does this work with the training hack for CPS3 Nebula emulator? (the one that gives you full meter constantly and the computer full life and full time) Cause it kinda sucks without that too.

I use MAME plus when training (if you can call it that) on 3s. The cheat folder is easier to install and it already allows for “show button inputs” Of course getting 3s to work on MAME involves all tha chd file bull…

Changing your gate may have messed you up a little maybe? I don’t know how long it’s been since you switched but it can take some time adjusting after switching gates. All gates have different Deadzones.

But your problem sounds like one that can definitely be solved by practice.