Question about internet connections (xboxlive) and routers

Hey guys just wondering if anyone had any experience in this situation.

I recently moved, and got the same internet deal from comcast transferred to my new apartment. Im using a new modem, but the same router. The problem I have is that only during *super *offpeak hours (talking 4-7 AM) can I get good netplay matches. Also I do play with a wired connection

So we decided to up our plan from 30 Mbps down/ 5 Mbps up, to 50 Mbps down/15 Mbps up. I’ve done speed tests before switchng and we usually got 30 Mbps down/ 5 Mbps up. Now we get 60 Mbps down/ 5 Mbps up when directly connected to the modem but ~20 Mbps down/5 up when connected through the router. So I was wondering if I should upgrade my router (even though it was fine before), or upgrade my modem (since we switched in the move)? Also has anyone been familiar with the pattern of only getting good matches during offpeak hours? I have a feeling I am only getting good connections at those times because our neighbors turn off their computers before they go to sleep and therefore stop torrenting. Also as a sidenote whenever I tried to torrent (I shut them all off when I do netplay) I have to change the settings to only allow a small amount of connections, and I believe that may be because of the modem, because I never had to do that with a different modem and the same router.

Router Model : Netgear WGR614v9
Modem Model : Ubee DDM3513

So anyone got any advice on a new router/modem or both, or if I should even bother? Thanks for reading.

Once you start hitting 50Mbps+ download speeds you need to make sure you have a router than can keep up… but even with 20Mbps down and 5 up you should have no problems playing games online, especially if you’re the only one using your connection.

Have you tried plugging your internet modem directly into your router? If so, does it make a difference during regular hours?

Is your new modem the exact same as your old one? or is it different?

Yeah the new modem is a different model as well. After doing some research when my connection would cut out while torrenting, I had heard it was a comcast modem problem, they design them to not handle multiple connections and shut down, so after throttling that I could torrent again. This set of an alarm in my head that the modem may be the problem.

I’m going to test it again right now with the router and without, I had before and noticed a slight increase in connection, but not immediately after testing it with the router so it could have just been one of those lucky times. Be right back thanks again.

Yeah I just tested back to back with multiple green bar opponents, same crappy connections with our without the router.

What is the in game lag like? Are you just non-stop lagging throughout the entire match? Or is it fine for most of the round and you just get bad lag spikes every now and then?

Its constant lagging, which makes it unplayable as it is, but then there are bad lag spikes. In general there are huge input/frame drops as well. Also I know that my setups isn’t lagging because it works fine in training mode and is a crt.

Has it been like this since you moved? or did it just start recently? What happens when you plug the modem directly into your PC and do a speed test at What kind of pings are you getting? If you do 3 or 4 speed tests in a row are all the numbers consistant? or are there variations?

I usually get around 18 - 30 ms ping to chicago (which is 2 hours away), and consistently 20-26Mbps down/ 4-5 up connected through the router and 60-64 Mbps down/5 Mbps up connected doing it through the modem, when doing it multiple times.

It has been like this since we moved in, and they variate between the ranges I listed. Thanks for helping btw

That’s strange, those numbers should be more than enough to play any game on xbox live. What happens when you try to watch an HD video on xbox live? and do all your other games lag, or just that one?

I dont even have any other games I play on xbox live anymore :(. How would I watch an HD video through XBL?

I’m not at my Xbox right now, but if you boot it up with no games and look through the menu you should be able to stream some sort of 30 second preview of a movie, tv show or game. I don’t remember exactly what menu it’s found in, but it’s not hard to find at all.

i was having some problems with lag myself with my fios modem having a 35/35 connection. i ended up fixing it by going into router settings enabling dmz host forwarding the correct ports and lowering security to minimum. that could help router issues but by no means should it lag directly connected to the modem. my modem and router are one so i had no other choices. i mean when i have bad spikes usually a 5 min unplug of the modem and router n plug back in fix it but im sure that has had to be done. the biggest load is ull call the internet company and complain and they tell u they dont officially support xbox. try searching the compatibilty of that modem and xbox. if not maybe the cable line running to the house isnt a good line and could use a rerun unless its new then id say im stumped. also check for any splitters or amplifiers. u really dont wanna have more then 1 splitter before the modem

Thanks for all the advice. The cable guy actually did remove other lines from the splitter and did something with the power or w/e sent through the signal (I have no idea what he did but he checked the line with a bigass PDA type thing. I think I’m gonna swap out the router and modem with highly regarded modems/routers for gaming, and see what happens, at the very least I’ll have good downloading speeds through the router.

If you are getting poor results with and without your router installed, then I would likely think it had something to do with the cable modem, or the connection in general in your new area. Your download/upload speed is way overkill and shouldn’t be in any way causing you issues, considering I think the traffic that passes during a match is maybe 15 Kbps on average with occasional spikes in the 20-25 range.

As you mentioned, switching out the modem might help, but I would be prepared to check with your ISP, or as H3r3tic mentioned, maybe your apartment complex if the drops need to be re-run.

Bandwidth is borderline irrelevant for online gaming as long as you have some kind of broadband connection. 1Mbps up / 1Mbps down should be plenty.

I would suggest assigning a static IP address to your console and putting that IP address in your router’s DMZ, but if you’re still having problems with a direct connection from console to modem then I don’t imagine that would solve much of anything. If you’re ever running something else over the internet at the same time you game, then use your router’s QoS to give your console priority.

The next time you’re getting a lot of lag, go into your Windows command prompt on your PC and test your connection with pathping. Type “pathping -q 10” and it will trace the entire route from your PC to Google’s servers and give you ping reports for each node along the way. If you notice a significant spike in latency at any particular node that should narrow down where the problem lies. If it spikes at one of the first few jumps, then the problem likely lies close to home (your home connection, your ISP’s local infrastructure, etc).

Check your modem’s status page (usually can be found at in your browser, from my experience) and make sure the numbers look good. I forget what the ideal range for most of that stuff is, but I believe the downstream power level should be as close to 0 dBmV as possible and anything between -8 and +8 is acceptable. Don’t quote me on that one though.

If your modem isn’t getting enough power, make sure to remove as many splitters in the connection as possible. Every splitter the wire has to jump through will cause a slight signal loss.