Question about JAMMA and CPS

I’m really new to this whole arcade thing, but I was interested in knowing about JAMMA boards in arcade machines.

Sorry if this is a repeat question, but I didn’t find a search function on the forum and I didn’t see anything like this.

I know arcades use JAMMA as the standard, and if you want fighting games, then you have to use JAMMA with the kick pins added.

What I’m wondering is, is the JAMMA basically like a system, and the different cards like, CPS, CPS2, CPS3 and all the other boards, do they fit into it like ROMS?

I’m planning on buying an old arcade system that uses JAMMA and I want to know if I’d be able to install old and new games like SF2 and SF3TS.

Any info would be great.


Oh yeah, also does anyone know where I can get a control panel board for those Japanese Sega cabinets? Preferably the New Astro City?
I’ve looked at all different arcade sites and I can’t find a single place that sells them.


JAMMA is just a common way of wiring up the boards inputs and outputs, it doesn’t do any processing or anything like that, so no, it’s not a system; though like plugging a cartridge into a console, you just plug the board into the JAMMA harness. Most JAMMA games nowadays don’t plug into the JAMMA harness directly, but into arcade hardware (effectively a “console”, e.g. CPS2, Neo Geo MVS) which can be used to play many games. So to play, for example, SFA3, you need the CPS2 hardware as well as the game cartridge itself…often these are sold together.

edit: removed my dumbass comments about 3S running on NAOMI. No idea what I was thinking :confused:

so if i were to buy an arcade machine, i just need, a jamma, the cps board, and the game (which usually comes with the cps)



You would need a cabinet with a jamma harness and a game with a jamma connector. Most games hookup directly to the jamma harness (cps1/2/3 games and many others). Jamma standard is 3 play buttons and 1 start button per player so like you said you will need a special harness for games that use more than 3 buttons (for example CPS2 “kick” harness).

There is hardware that doesn’t hook up directly to your jamma harness like Naomi. You would need an different adapter for naomi system to run in the jamma cabinet (capcom IO board is the best)

Explore Akthan Ali
CPS2/3 harness

Explore Akthan Ali
Explore Akthan Ali
Explore Akthan Ali
naomi hooked up to capcom IO board, which conviently accepts the CPS2 harness.

contact these guys and they will hook you up with a Blast city panel or an astro city panel for a fair price

Here’s the panel i bought from them a few weeks ago
Explore Akthan Ali
Explore Akthan Ali

and yes they send you the panel hooked up and ready to go with a CPS1/2/3 harness.

Hope that helps


thanks for the response aktham.
I had one more question.

do the start and the 3 punch buttons connect to the jamma, which in turn connects to the cps board, and the kick buttons connect directly to cps board?


thanks mr megalo.
what about naomi boards and other boards. Do they just plug into the JAMMA like the CPS?
Or are they different?
And are non-jamma games very common?
What convention is used if it’s non-jamma?


Naomi needs to use something called an I/O board (Input/Output) so to have Naomi working on a JAMMA cabinet, you need to use a Naomi JAMMA I/O board, Aktham pictured the Capcom JAMMA I/O board in his post above.

there are 3 variant of the Naomi JAMMA I/O boards, if you check out hardware section that will explain and show pictures.

thanks for the help.
also i know aktham said he got his at that excellent site, but is there a place where i can just get the panel with drilled holes, but no button or sticks?


all a control panel is a freking sheet of metal. My blast city panel cost 140 and 40 bucks for shipping. It was all sanwa parts wired which would cost ~90 bucks and you get the capcom harnesses with it. So the actual panel cost ~40 bucks. I don’t know how authentic you want to be. Why don’t you just get a template from somebody and make your own or have somebody make you one that is exactly like the japanese control panels? (it would be a lot cheaper)

If you want to get the real deal then ebay and arcade forums are the place to be. Keep on the look out.

It took me a while to find something like this ^^

i was going to make a universal stick with it and then saw this

and i almost wet myself (control panel would go there, since that’s all it was missing), it seemed to good to be true. and because i’m such a fucktard i was scared that it was damaged/will get damaged in shipping (monitors are very sensitive). To makes things worse i showed it to a friend in New York and now he said he bought it for 400+ shipping. :mad:

It would have been perfect for PC and Naomi since it has a VGA input and supports 31K. Sorry about the rant, i’ve just been sad these past few days cuz i missed the once in a life time opprotunity. :sad:


edit: found a great deal for you bro,37887.0.html

check the pic in the thread. Gozur is asking 90 shipped. He’s a reliable person and i know him and you can trust him.

Aktham, were you also interested in the megalo 410 cab that dnphamus was selling ?
I think that sold to a guy in NY.

I’m the one who told Mark (i know too many Marks lol) to check it out becuase i’m stupid :xeye:. and yeah he’s in Newyork he said he would pay dnphamus on Friday (i hope it doesn’t go through fingers crossed). If it does go through i’m sure i’ll find a Megalo 410 someother time.

waits for an arcade collector to need some money

Pity your not in the UK, I’m selling one of my Naomi cabinets, not cos I need the cash but cos I need the space, I’ve got NGBC on pre-order and an Atomiswave cabinet thats waiting to come back to my place purely for NGBC
I picked up another Naomi cabinet last week but now I need the space so one of em has to go :sad:

hey guys, I just had one last question. Are there places that just sell CPS security cartridges? I need to get a security cartridge at a resonable price.
Also, will I be able to use a English Security Cartridge on a Japanse version board?