Question about JR's Akuma



Is there a certain technique to connecting the standing fierce after a small tatsu? I can’t seem to get it to hit consistently and JR never seems to miss it.

It looks to be a very effective reset and would love to know how to get it perfected.



i would just shoru o.0

I know after a hard tatsu H.p can hit
And after a mid tatsu you can do another


Practice makes perfect. There’s no real secret beside just knowing when the tatsu recovery has ended.


Thanks Jida. I got it down a bit more after some practice. Turns out the secret is timing. You can’t just jam fierce, you need to hit it at the right moment.

I guess I should stop trying to force this stuff out.


timing is the same as when u do lp xx hk.tatsu after lk.tatsu


keep the controller neutral when the tatsu hits.

Hit forward on the stick when Akuma lands

Wait a TINY moment, then HP

Just a few steps to help your mind time the inputs.


Thanks Naz.

Curious - why don’t you use the fierce punch reset more? It seems to give Akuma a Makoto-like dimension in that if the opponent guesses wrong on your attack after the reset you can put him into dizzy territory.

I’m also curious on how effective do you think the reset into dashing demon is? JR did that a few times in the UCLA casual vids and it looks to be a pretty reliable set up.


fierce punch reset is very easy to get out of for good players - it actually puts Akuma at a disadvantage if you go into demon flip and the opponent guesses right.

Reset into dash demon is just a mind game - if you have conditioned them to block after resets while you have two bars then it’s obviously a good gamble.


just double tap for stand fierce juggle.


Seems like you’ve got it down now, but I always hold forward while I’m going for the fp reset. It makes the buffer into the demon flip easier if I choose to go for that. Even if you don’t go for the demon flip, there are still some decent mixups you can go for of a fp reset.

Demon flip antics can be really great pressure on some characters, and virtually worthless against others. I wrote a little guide to demon flip mixups somewhere here if you’re interested.


I’m definitely interested in that write up.

I noticed JR didn’t reset Hugo at all. I assume he is one of the characters the reset is worthless against?


There it is.

The characters you really worry about are characters with quick start up AA’s, like other shotos. They are very abusable against Hugo, although Akumas naturally turtle against Hugos anyway, so you’ll tend to see more f+mp’s being used instead of resets into flips.


Well we aren’t very good yet at 3s in these parts, so I think I’ll abuse that reset for all it’s worth. :slight_smile:

This is my junky Akuma in action. Getting better every week, but not good yet:



start using sa1, and learn how to confirm it off of low lk(x2) and standing mk. You’ll be in much better shape.


I do use SA1 normally but switched to SA2 for most of that tourney because these guys are super aggressive on wake ups and in the corner.

More of a metagame call than what I normally use.


well, you always have wakeup shoryu > sa1. Wakeup hurricane has really great startup too.


I got a question about that. Is wake up tatsu different timing than wake up dragon? I find that i get beat alot with wake up tatsu so I don’t know if it’s bad timing or it just got beat.


i use hk.tatsu when yun is with genei gin, trying to break my defence, it works like wonders, and it sends ur opponent far away and i keep him on the ground with hp fire fireball


Well it depends. Some attacks can stuff your wake up tatsu such as a meaty


rh tatsu has the same startup as fp shoryu. its a different motion, so the timing probably feels different. also, just about any move can be stuffed with a well timed meaty. wakeup tatsu is much less risky than a shoryu.