Question about juggle after Rakan Dantojin

When Oni connects with EX Rakan Dantogin (he slashes the opponent after rushing past them), how do you predict how much the opponent will be juggled? Sometimes, the opponent is really floaty and stays in the air for a long time, and sometimes they seem to fall more quickly. I frequently miss the timing for connecting his ultra1 because of this variability.

They float realy high when you get a counterhit, and slightly higher if you hit them airborn (catch a backdash, or after a focus crumple)

You just gotta react. You can even go upwards ultra 1 if they get counterhit for more dmg

Stop concentration to see if EX slash hits or not, instead concentrate on timing the juggle and expect it to hit. You can also look for the counterhit message as it appears instantly instead of waiting to see how high the opponent is gonna fly

Thanks. What do you mean by “upwards ultra 1”? Are you referring to his ultra 1 from the air (throws fireballs downward)?

No the grounded version that goes uppwards (execute it with kicks)

But you have to dash first and only does 15 more damage. Just stick to regular u1 :stuck_out_tongue:

What I usually do is start the motion normally and if I see it was a counter hit I just add an extra QCF before hitting the buttons for the ultra. Kinda ghetto but it seems to work most of the time.

Ok. Thanks. Still seems a little weird that Capcom programmed it so that getting a counterhit would actually make it harder to land the ultra.

Oni is not the only one. Getting a CH on sagat tiger uppercut makes FADC into ultra very challenging

Yes, Oni and Sagat both suffer from that (and are the only ones that I know of, though there may be more), and it is very irritating >_<