Question about juggling shoryukens

I see people do two shoryukens in a row. The first knocks them in the air and the second juggles. What are they doing exactly? Is it two LP shoryukens in a row? I can’t seem to get it in practice mode.

u can do 2 srks in the corner to everyone cept yun/yang/alex/ and some others i forget.

the only people u can double srk midscreen are q/necro/elena (might be more)

and to double srk anyone anywhere without worry u have to (kara) the 2nd srk

if you dont know how to kara heres a video that shows u how


Wow. Okay, so to kara cancel the shoryuken I have to do a HK then a shoryuken so fast that the HK doesn’t even happen?

The HK happens but it happens fast and just enough to move ken forward enough to reach with the second srk. The srk cancels the HK or MK. Its very hard to do.

btw i dont think u can kara srk alex so dont practice on him

or dudley