Question about Juicebox abel

Why is it that none of juicebox abels actions are never considered taunts? Everytime he does them, the commentators say how he’s in the zone, but frankly, his mannerisms just scream taunt to me.


I don’t think he has the intention to taunt the opponent. I’ve always figured that he does it to blow off a bit of energy and keep his cool.

To be honest, I’ve started to catch myself doing similar things.

Because he does them at a natural low point in the action. Ultras are great fun the first few times you see them, but boring after that. Juicebox’s actions bring life to a dead section of the game.

If he was a complete Dick after the match, I’d be inclined to agree, but from the streams I’ve watched, win or lose, he hangs around to shake his opponent’s hand, and comes across as a general good egg.

Agreed. I’ve never heard anyone really say anything bad about Juicebox. When I watch him play, I realize he’s the kind of player in terms of attitude and whatnot that I try to model myself after.

It’s just one of the strange things he does, and honestly it’s entertaining. He’s high energy and fun to watch, and mostly everyone he plays knows it’s all fun.

Case in point, watch the guy who is playing against Juicebox.

its all about the ultra dances…all about the ultra dances…i take it as him keeping himself hype / focused. and if it happens to mindfuck his opponent, then thats a awesome bonus.

Probably calms his nerves to have a bit of fun, he definitely doesn’t do it as a taunt, just enjoying himself not at their expense.

Its just like Tokido doing the 天(Ama) pose when he got the Raging Demon. Not to mention he gets so into it its hard to percieve it as a taunt and just him being really hyped up. If I played SF and Juicebox landed an ultra on me, I’d do the dance with him.

Is it wrong? You mad?