Question about lighting effects

looking to you this pic in a template but i dont like the color how can i change it to fit blanka style?

i use gimp btw…XD

I know that in photoshop, pressing ctrl + U lets you change the hue & saturation (i.e. one option to change the color) I am confident that gimp should have something similar. You can also try looking for something that lets you adjust curves; that’s another way to change the color.

EDIT: Gimp Saturation Link

thanks bunches XD…lulz…XD…dont quite understand the overlapping thing…ty again man

Whats the overlapping thing? :confused:

the overlap effect i think it said

Oh sorry. I didn’t actually read the tut and just gave you the first link I found. :sweat: Maybe I can find something better. :bgrin:

it was good man…messed around with it and got this…

just something i did in 5 mins in a hurry but when i get a better render ill make it look better…do you know how i can make it look like blanka is being engulf in the light make it kinda 3d i guess is a better word to use