Question about Mad Catz Tatsunoko WII stick to usb PC

Hi friends, sorry my english.
I would like to know if I can use Mad Catz Tatsunoko stick for wii in my PC and play SSFIV AE.
[FONT=arial]I would buy this “Wii Classic Controller Adapter to PC USB”.[/FONT]

[FONT=arial]I bought the cheap mayflash fightstick and stick is not detected in game. Anyway I dont like the stick so I dont want to solve, now Im thinking Mad Catz Tatsunoko. I dont know if is better stick.[/FONT]
Do you think is good the stick+adapter for 40€ / 54$?. feel free to suggest me something, I dont want spend more than 50€ / 70$

[FONT=arial]Thank you very much.[/FONT]

Not sure if the adapter in question lags at all… you wouldn’t want that right?

Could just get a Cthulhu board, and rewire the buttons you need, use a USB cable. solderless really.

Or MC Cthulhu to support a lot more stuff

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