Question about magneto in mvc2


whenever i see people doing the magneto infinite of jump, LK, MK, ??? LK, MK, land, repeat, profit, what do they do at the ??? part? i cant just do another LK and if i air dash it dosent let me do another attack


IIRC, you have to super jump or you can’t attack after the air dash. Here is a long thread on how to do it right.


You airdash downforward, and immediately downforward LK. Followed by another LK. You have to hit LK fast enough after the airdash in order to combo. Try practicing by doing neutral jump, airdash downforward into downforward LK.


Do the rom by superjumping up forward, lk mk (pause) airdash down, lk mk repeat.

A lot of people say airdash down forwards, and maybe it is good for learning (and good for the set up) but you’ll find you’ll have to space the kicks out more to stop the opponent getting higher. If you do it this way you get a lot more leniency because you touch the floor faster, so you can space the kicks out as you see fit to make them go higher/ lower.