Question about Makoto

I’m trying to learn the SA2 combo on this video

For some reason, I can’t get the last sjf + HP to connect. I thought it was because of the timing of the fukiage or even the air kick strength but i still can’t get it. I’ve tried lk kara mp fukiage, delayed lp fukiage, lk axe kick instead of mk axe kick, but none work.

Anyone know how to do this? its much easier than trying to learn all the various 100% stun combos

abare to early mk tsurugi, mp fukiage (must be kinda deep) super jump toward* fp must hit the opponent on his way still upwards so it must be done extremely fast.

vs chun/urien (maybe others) you have to super jump backwards

I remember Arlieth telling me that this combo wasn’t 100% stun, but rather 99%.

correct it isnt 100% stun.

also you should learn the basic 100% stun anyways. kara jab fukiage dash jab fukiage. its not that hard.

if you have to fight vs elena learn hers too, but thats pretty rare.

maybe my timing is off, but i’ve been doing the early mk tsurugi, mp fukiage, sj forward HP but the HP doesn’t connect. ill screw with the timing a little.

the thing about the 100% is that I can get the first kara lp fukiage, but the dash always gets me, mainly because you have to triple tap forward to get the dp motion, and also because sometimes they don’t always bounce the same way

Slow down the inputs a bit then. You don’t really have to rush for that first Fukiage; just break it down into stages first.

If you’re tapping forward thrice then you’re doing it wrong. Tap forward twice and input the Fukiage in the other direction. You should be able to tell whether the second Fukiage will hit based on the first one. If they’re bouncing in different directions then you’re not doing the kara properly.

ok thanks. i finally got the 99% stun one, you were right, its a matter of delaying the mp fukiage.

ill try to get the 100% stun

EDIT: ok, i’m practicing on ken.

is it, SA2–>dash–> kara jab fukiage (with HK kara) --> dash lp fukiage
or is it SA2–>dash–>jab fukiage --> dash kara fukiage (with what kara idk)
or is it SA2–>dash–>kara strong fukiage (with HK kara) --> dash lp fukiage

i haven’t actually done any of them but they seem like they would all work depending on timing. What’s the standard way?

and i can always get the first fukiage, but the second is the part i don’t get.

The first and third options are both viable. Not sure if she can do the second one. Personally, I find the first one the easiest.

The 100% stun thread is stickied in the Makoto forum… using to jab fukiage for all of them is easiest. You can do two strong ones on hugo for example to do a little more stun (99% instead of 97ish percent stun on the long stun bar characters)

Fukiage dash back fukiage


Dash s.rh~fukiage dash back jab fukiage


Dash fukiage st.short ~fukiage


Dash s.rh~fukiage dash back cr rh~jab fukiage


Alternate (aka second chance double fukiage ender) dash fukiage dash back cr rh ~jab fukige


dash cr rh~jab fukiage dash same direction as first dash cr rh~ jab fukiage

*the double fukiage ender on them are unreliable at least in my experience

As for the tsurugi fukiage sj fp its easier on some characters then others

I do early mk tsurugi, late mp fukiage,then super jump HP, works alot for me, hitting them with fukiage when they’re about to hit the floor is best for getting the HP to hit them into the corner and not away which makes the 1% stun left over so much easier to get with a dash neutral throw/low short hayate/low short ex chop.