Question about Makoto's SA2 abari tosanami ultra


first of all, love this site great helps tips vids etc… ^^

just a quick question… im been searching around for days… cant seem to find an answer… about her sa2 whiffing. how come about 60 percent of the time she misses? is this by chance? or input?

i knew VERY well in third strike i was NOT the best makoto, but i played her very well enough to understand timing and etc… but i remember her sa2 was based on her button… i.e… lk abari ultra would be if you were close to opponant… mk abari ultra for middle combat, and far away wake up or something silly hk but,…

for ssf4 i noticed 3 things from abari ultra…

  1. if opponent is way across the screen and ur maybe alittle more than half away and execute abari ultra, you hit the wall and the kick lands right as if the opponent was supposed to be next to you. is this random? chance? or a bug?

  2. DIRECTLY at 50% middle combat, if combination into abari ultra or just from timing right in the middle, against small sized opponents and activate… she will hit the wall and the kick will go flying directly over about 60+ % of the time. big sized characters in middle combat and activate she will hit the wall and whiff the kick at an acute angle (whiffs again) again at around 60ish percentile.

2a. against average sized, roughly 40 45 percent it will connect and then chain combo etc…

  1. lastly, if opponent is close to me, only time its anything above 70 percent is wake up abari ultra, which i know its kinda cheesy but… can someone explain if theres something im missing? or did they really nerf her that bad?

please let me know thanks so much ^^

ps3 sn jookiyaya ssf4 main-guile backup-makoto
ggpo sn aoneone 3rd strike main-urien backup-makoto
ps3 sn jookiyaya mvc2 main-strider hiryu, spiderman, doctor doom
backup-wolverine(boneclaw), megaman, strider hiryu

yea i know im not following the tier stuff, but these characters are fun to play to me ^^

abari ultra will land roughly 30 to 40 percent ; remaining majority,


How far Makoto goes depends on what button(s) you are holding while she is traveling to the wall.

Holding LK or all 3 Kick buttons will go the shortest distance.
Holding MK or 2 kick buttons will go about halfscreen.
Holding HK or no buttons at all will go fullscreen.

Just be mindful what buttons (if any) you’re holding down while she is jumping towards the wall.

I have had some instances where after a focus crumple, some characters I haven’t been able to hit regardless of which distance I choose, though.


its like they say, sometimes you eat the abari and well sometimes the abari it eats you.

also dudleys rose


^stop stealing my jokes


ohh you hold the button AS she is traveling to the wall? thx so much bro. well time to train :slight_smile: haha. really thx i appreciate that info.