Question about Marvel

Why is it that sometimes you can call out an assist while blocking, and sometimes you can’t.

i’m guessing poor mechanics…

You don’t normally notice it, but if you pay close attention, you’ll notice that you can actually beat somebody in MvC2 by mashing your palm on the buttons. The game doesn’t even actually know what you’re pressing, it just knows that something’s getting pressed and it spits out moves accordingly.

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you can’t call out a assist during block strings. It sometimes looks like you did but it was just a small window during your opponents attack that was inconsistent so you can call an assist.

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So officially, you can’t call them out while blocking, but it may happen if you’re in block stun and not getting hit?

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Yeah kinda like that. The best way can put it is if you can jump or do a jab or short, you can call a assist. But you 100% cannot call assist during block strings.

Cool. Thanks for the info!

You can’t call an assist in block stun. You can call it before you block(and have it hit after you block), or after you leave block stun. All it takes is a one frame window where you left blockstun to get an assist out.

You cant call out an assist if you’re getting hit(block stun or hit stun)

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