Question about Mas stick button layout?


I recently went to evo west and notice that most players that own a Mas stick went with the 8 button layout rather than the 6 button. can i have some advice and feedback of anyone who owns a Mas stick and why they would prefer an 8 button rather than a 6 button or vice versa?


Maybe they want to use it for NeoGeo games too but I don’t see the point in that as the layout on the old samurai showdown machines was




which can be reduplicated exactly on a 6 button mas stick. With an eight button mas you can duplicate the superior layout used by all of the other american neo geo cabinets but the extra buttons just get in the way making the stick harder to use for street fighter.




but If you wanted a stick for NeoGeo games youshould just buy the neogeo stick 2 (or the mas stick with the neo geo layout if you prefer american parts) which is an excellent stick (the only drawback is that it can’t be used for tekken or street fighter)


I’m eagerly awaiting an answer to that as well. On the opposite side of the coin, most people I’ve seen who mod HRAP’s put plugs over the two extra buttons, so it’s definitely not unanimous.


all console mas sticks, to my knowledge, still only come in an 8 button layout, the 6 button mas with the “coin” button is for their supernova (supergun aka consolized arcade cabinet)


You can get console versions with a 6-button layout. I personally have one with an 8-button layout and plugs over the L1 and L2 buttons. I just like the fact that if for some reason I ever needed L1 and L2 I could easily have them.


I actually use the 8 button layout on my HRAP2. The reason I keep it is because I do a lot of old school gaming on MAME along with fighters and I like to set the L1 and L2 up as the coin and “tab” button while using the start/select for start/reset. I’ve actually never had a problem with the other buttons getting in the way and due to the angle I rest my hand on the stick I actually have to go out of my way to press L1/L2.


multi-console functionality, ability to play most fighters that might require an awkward layout, ability to hit certain things, like the four shoulders in guitly gear that will get you different versions of the characters / stage select and things of that nature, and the games that require the 6 button soft reset (SFA1 for PS1 for example, needs all four shoulders, start, and select to reset)


Thanks for all the feedback. Another thing also, is it the distance between the buttons? I mean are the buttons closer from bottom to top with the 8 button layout. Last question, is the price same for either a 6 button or 8 button?


no, it’s more for an 8 button, and the distance is the same.