Question about MC TE for PS3/PC usage


Hi everyone!

So I started playing SF4 a lot over at a friends place. I wanted to invest into an arcade stick and thought that the mad catz tournament edition seems like a good choice (haven’t tried it myself tho). Had an old hori ex2 about 1.5 years ago, and hopefully this will satisfy me a bit more.

Point being though is that I currently don’t have a ps3 or xbox. In fact, I was hoping to use this on my computer for SF4 AE and then also play it at my friend’s PS3. However… I read that there are some problems with the PS3 TE for the PC. I tried to find some more info by searching the forums and reading the FAQs but I found nothing concrete that stated what the situation actually is.

Are there custom made drivers that fixes this? Are there only specific chip-sets that causes issues? Anything I can do to avoid issues? If there is a post about this, I would be really grateful if someone can point me to it as I couldn’t find it; or if someone knows. I just want to find some solid sources on the information before I shelf out $150+ on something I might not be able to use :/.

Thanks in advance!


Or get the PlayStation 3 Chun-Li TE to avoid any issues.


Wow thanks!
How do you guys find this stuff so fast? Spent like an hour searching for it…

Thank you!


jdm just knows…don’t questions it…lol…and he’s probably answered this exact question so many times that he just type out the links


Some say, that his brain is hardwired to the Tech Talk server,
and that any new questions cause a fizzing sensation… down there.
All we know is, he’s called JDM714.


jdm714 pushes your 8 buttons, it sounds like, to the point of fizzing.


There’s a lot of information about joysticks in this thread, too… Info Thread: Rules, FAQs and Tutorials Inside. (READ THIS BEFORE HITTING THAT NEW THREAD BUTTON!)

Not that most people will bother to read a lot of the Sticky Threads when they first join up…

To be fair, it’s a lot more organized than it was 2-3 years ago.
Reading isn’t big on most people’s agenda even if that thread will answer 85% of the technical questions.

(Answered mine about web and Google searches on SRK, though. Seems like there’s typing you have to do now that you DIDN’T have to do bfor the revamp.)