Question about MK Klassic Stick


I picked up a second MK Klassic stick so I can mod it a little. I will be making a whole new top panel in the future for this stick, but for now I was thinking of adding a new hole centered above the HP and HK buttons and using the wires/switch from the run button up there to make it more SF friendly. (Mostly using this for PC MAME games).<div>Now my question: Is the top panel just plexi-glass on top of wood/mdf ? And if so can I just use a spade bit to cut through that without the plexi cracking or in general messing it all up ?</div><div>I’m not all too worried about screwing up the top panel too much since I have another one of these for playing old MK games and MK9, but I’d like to do this in the interim till I get a proper panel cut and painted and some new buttons ordered.</div>