Question about modded PSP abilities

I have a jerry rigged PSP 3.03 OC.

I wanted to know if it is possible to read PDF files off line. I originally bought my PSP to read spreadsheets and word documents on the train, but it says I have to be on line to do it. Anyone know a way around it?

There’s a homebrew called Bookr that you can use to read PDF files on your PSP :wgrin:

“Game could not be started (8002014C)”

Didnt work. I got 3.03 OE, but the read me said only 1.5 will work. OE is similar to 1.5 so I was wondering if that was good enough

Go into your recovery menu (reboot PSP while holding “R”), enter the configuration and change the kernel to 1.50. Exit and everything should work :wonder:

Is that safe to do? I didnt mod this myself, and I would hate to brick it. Is there any reason the kernel shouldnt be set to 1.50?

It’s perfectly safe, you won’t brick it by using the recovery menu. The reason you would use a higher kernel would be for features not found on 1.50 like the PSOne emulator.

Done and Done. Fucking awesome!

Thanks a lot. Now, is there anyway to watch saved html files off line? Sorry to keep bugging you peeps about this. I am completely new to the PSP seen. I didnt know what it could do until a month ago.

Couldn’t you just have placed the app in the /PSP/GAME150 dir? Anyhoo, I don’t see why you can’t just save the html to a drive (using complete form) and transfer all needed files to the psp.

I am not sure what you mean by “complete form” but every time I try to go to one of my saved html files saved under “file:/webpages/whatever.index.html” it tells me I have to connect to the net first. Since I cant connect to the net when I am on the train, I needed a way to read my webpages off line.

Make sense? =(

When saving html, you can specify with mozilla to save it as ‘web page complete’, which saves everything you need to view that page to disk. In explorer, you can save it to a ‘mht’ file. If these are just pdf files you are interested in, I’d suggest just saving those. Granted, I haven’t messed with that app to know if it requires a network connection, so I don’t know what you’re in for. :slight_smile:

I thought I read somewhere that u have to save your webpages in the root directory of the memstick for it to work with offline html , Im prolly wrong tho.

The pages are displayed with the text in a wonky order.

I dont really need the pictures. Anyone else have any ideas on opening webpages. If I was to put it in the root would I just type in the file name, and I dont have to be online?