Question about modding out an X-Arcade stick


All I want to do is change the sticks/buttons. My skill level isn’t high enough to notice the input lag from the PCB. Is that a very simple procedure? I know which ones I need (HAPP competition stick/buttons). Will doing it be as easy as modding an SE Fightstick or something? If not, what do I have to do? Thanks.


Its pretty simple to do. Just open up the case, unplug & remove stock controls, and swap in the new ones.

Other than that just note which wire goes where, and not to pull anything excessively hard and risk messing up a connection.


why buy xarcade if your just gonna mod it? not worth the money.


Took me about 20 minutes to change all my buttons/sticks. Hardest part is undoing the nuts on the buttons if they are on too tight (since there is little room). But other than that very easy.


Agreed. Unless you can find one for cheap.

Thats how i got mine, a used X-arcade solo for about $40. Bought it out of curiosity as i always thought the sticks looked decent, wanted to try it for myself, and figured i’d mod and sell it after. I modded it(including new PCB), but ended up keeping it as my main stick ever since because i loved the design of the case.

The PCB lag is true. In MVC2 trying to throw a sonic boom and then quickly doing a super right afterwards, was just “too fast” for the PCB to keep up with. Pitiful.


yea i got my X-A brand new for $100 but that was 4 yrs ago… but now the solo’s are rear to find now… and yea it has lags that i’ve overcome and i just order new Happ competiton parts too…