Question about modding stick for Xbox 360

i have a Pelican Real Arcade (Univeral) stick that i was thinking of modding for 360 (and later replacing the buttons with Happ, and eventually building a custom box). i have a wireless 360 controller that i can use the board from and have looked at the diagrams for soldering it to use it…but i has hoping it was possible to go a route that didn’t demand completely destroying the controller, and maybe even retain the sticks’ original funtionality as well. would it be at all possible to maybe tear apart a “play and charge” cable and either tie the those wires to the Pelicans existing board, or run the wires directly to the connectors on the buttons? that way i could just plug the controller into the stick for wireless arcade fun, or unplug the stick and use the pad as originally intended.

Nope, pipe dream. You’re gonna have to destroy it.

Not to mention the fact that a wireless controller doesn’t send data to the console through the plug and play charge kit. It just draws power through it.

He can use the xbox 360 wireless gaming reciever to use the stick on both the PC and xbox 360. You can use the play and charge kit to make a usb recharge port on your stick. I have 2 sticks like this I am building right now and I have already modded the pcb and I am just waiting on the stick boxes to be finished.

There is a tutorial here and here that shows all the points to solder to without scraping the button contacts if you want to add buttons without interfering with the regular buttons.

I do agree with toodles though that if you are building a stick with a modded wireless 360 pcb with you should do it assuming that you wont take it back apart, and desolder everything to use it as a standard controller again. Also consider buying a used wireless controller from amazon to use so its more affordable. I was able to get 2 used wireless controllers for the price of one new wireless controller via and it makes sense since I am just using the pcb’s so basically its 2 for one savings over going retail.

one of the things i liked about the Pelican Real Arcade stick was the size and weight. even sitting in my lap, my hands felt more like they were sitting on an arcade cabinet than a store bought controller. my thought was to use the p&c or solder the wires to the controller board and use some sort of quick connect adapter so that i could drop the controller inside the arcade stick housing and plug it in for stick action…or unplug and pull the controller out for a standard pad. i figured i could put hinges on the top or bottom panel so that i could open the stick housing to quickly place or remove the controller.

i wasn’t sure on the “play and charge” thing if it was only used for power and the data was still sent wirelessly, or if it basically turned it into a “wired” controller with everything going through the cable when plugged in. if it was the first one, i hoped to tap into the play and charge cable or the plug for it on the controller. since that’s not the case, i was still thinking i could run wires from the PCB to my own connector then from the other half of the connector to the arcade stick.

That you can do, but doing it in a way that leaves the original gamepad usable by itself can be difficult, and requires some very precise soldering. Good luck, we hope to see pictures when you’re done.

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